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A bed frame is a solid structure designed to be used with a Mattress to create a bed.

A wooden bed frame, with a low foot-end.



Bed Frames come in many styles, sizes, and colours.

Metal Beds

The Shanghai Nickel bed by Birlea

Metal Beds come in a range of styles and finishes, with a mix of traditional and contemporary styles.

The traditional styles will generally have more elaborate and rounded frames, with swirled motifs, and often in a brass finish. Brass or crystal finials are often common in these styles of beds too.

More modern styled metal beds will often be simpler designs, and come in a wider variety of colours.

Wooden Beds

The Florida, by Snuggle Beds

The majority of our wooden beds on will be sprung slatted, as it provides a more cushioned base and is a cost-effective construction. It also prolongs the life of the mattress.

Wooden beds offer a traditional and rustic feel, and as such, are especially ideal in kids rooms, as they absorb noise and give the room a calm ambience.

Leather Beds

The Brooklyn Brown by Birlea

Leather beds, despite the name, are more commonly made from faux, or PU, leather, as they are much more cost-effective and have much of the same qualities that real leather does, without the price.

Types of Real Leather

Full Aniline Leather

This leather has a great softness, luxury and comfort to it but it is a lot less durable than other types of leather and does require some extra care. This kind of leather is susceptible to fading by any sunlight it receives and accidental spillages.


As with the full aniline leather, this provides comfort and softness but with an added key elements, more durability and a pattern of pigmented leather. This leather brings together the technologies of the full aniline leather and strengthens its main weakness or durability whilst adding a different visual effect of pigmentation.

Pigmented leather

Used to make very heavy furniture, this leather is known for its durability properties as well as its stain and soil resistance.


This is aniline leather which has had its surface brushed to form a texture which is like velvet but on leather. People often confuse Nubuck leather with suede leather. Suede is added to the internal face of the leather whereas Nubuck is an effect added to the grain side.

Ottoman Beds

The Executive Black Ottoman by Snuggle Beds.

Ottoman beds are a style of bed with a lift-up base for storage. A hydraulic system helps the base to lift, so that goods can be stored easily in the storage space.

The Ottoman Storage system compensates for the lack of undearneath storage space on low-based Leather Beds and Divans, which makes it popular storage solution for these types of beds.

All Ottoman beds will have a rubber grip on the top of the base, so that the lift system can be used without the mattress falling off the top. Some Ottoman beds will open in a vertical motion, whilst others will open sideways.

Upholstered Beds

The Ludlow by Kyoto

Upholstered beds are ideal for those with a very specific look in mind, as they come in a huge range of fabrics and colours, so that you can pick exactly the style you want.

TV Beds

The Azure TV Bed In Chocolate by TV Bed Ltd.

TV beds are a luxury option, a leather or upholstered bed with a television compartment built into the foot end. There is also a storage compartment built in the side panel of the bed, which is ideal for storage DVD players, or games consoles.

Guest Beds

The Premier Raised by Aerobed

We do a variety of guest beds on These are:

Folding Beds: These beds are ideal for getting out at short notice, and fold up to be be stored away neatly.

Stowaway Beds: Stowaway beds are ideal in that they look like a regular bed, but have a bed slotted underneath, which pops up to the same height as the main bed. Ideal for those who expect regular visitors, the bed underneath- also known as the "trundle"- is comfortable and high quality, yet discreet enough to be tucked away neatly.

Inflatable Beds: Many of these are self-inflated, and so can be taken out and ready to use in a matter of minutes. With floor or raised bed, many can be used for travelling and camping trips, as they are very portable, and can be packed down to a small size.

Electric Beds

The Cool Comfort by Sleepeezee

These are excellent for older, physically impaired people, with a number of moving points on the bed to aid in moving and adjusting comfortably. Some beds may come with or without a mattress or headboard, so make certain to check. It’s important to get a mattress that is compatible with the bed, as the movement from the bed will damage some mattresses.

6” beds arrive in two 3” parts. 5” beds arrive in two 2”6’ parts.

Electric beds only come in single size.

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