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The firmness of a mattress is an important factor in a good nights sleep. Depending on the materials used, the firmness of the mattress is governed by the tension of the springs, or the density of the foam.


Soft Verses Firm

A guide from Relyon showing the indicators of a properly supporting mattress

Traditionally, firm mattresses are commonly reputed to be better for your back, as they support the body in its sleeping position. However this is not the whole case. It is important to remember that the amount of support needed will differ from person to person- a mattress that is just the right firmness for somebody with a light body weight, may not support the weight of a heavier person as well.

This is because the mattress needs to compress at the hips and shoulders, to support the natural curve of the spine, and the right mattress will compress under the weight of the body enough to support the spine, not too much to sink completely.

An overly firm mattress will not be any benefit. People with a lighter body weight will not require a hugely firm mattress, due to the lighter amount of pressure on the mattress, and someone with a heavier body weight may need a firm mattress.

All of this is important to consider personal preference, as there is no 'rule' for choosing the right mattress.

Orthopaedic Mattresses

Orthopaedic Mattresses are generally a firmer mattress, which are designed to provide a greater and more specific support to the body and joints. Those looking for a firm mattress will often find that orthopaedic mattresses generally offer adequate support and comfort.

Firmness Rating

All of the firmness ratings on our website have been tested and rated by our Sleep Experts. Although a Mattress may have 'Firm' in the title (Sealy Backcare Firm), our Sleep Experts may be rated it differently, ie "Medium/Firm". This ensures that, across all brands, there is a universal indicator of the support the mattress offers.

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