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A Mattress is a manufactured sleeping structure, traditionally a layered structure of springs and material, or foam.
It's manufacture methods and structure vary from item to item, and there is a large range of different mattress types, using a mix of traditional methods and new innovations.


The size is the first thing to consider when purchasing a Mattress. Sizes range from Small Single (2'6") to Super King (6"). also offer custom sizes, from 2'6" x 5' to 7' x 7'.

These custom sizes go in 3" multiples. (ie. 3', 3'3", 3'6", 3'9" etc)

Varieties of Mattresses

There are a variety of factors that will make mattresses differ:

Spring Systems:-The type and formation of springs inside the mattress will make a big difference to the overall feel of the mattress. From Open Coil, to the more expensive Pocket Springs, each spring system has it's own features.
Fillings:- The fillings in the Mattress affect primarily the comfort, and secondly the firmness of the mattress. A range of natural and man-made materials can be used to make the fillings of a mattress.
Firmness:- The firmness of a mattress is very important to consider, to ensure proper support of the body and correct posture. Requirements will vary from person to person, and much of it is personal preference.
Finishes:- Depending on the style of Mattress, there can be a range of finishes on the surface of the mattress. Popular finishes such as hand tufts are used as different ways of holding fillings together.

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