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Toppers are an mattress accessory, which are placed on top of an existing mattress, to improve the overall feel and quality of the mattress.



A Snuggle CharCOOL Mattress topper on a divan base.

Mattress toppers revitalise old and worn out mattress, without spending money on a new mattress.

  • Ideal for those wanting to try memory foam without committing to a whole mattress
  • To add a bit of extra comfort and luxury to your mattress.
  • Give overly firm mattresses more softness and comfort.

The depth of the topper will generally determine the thickness, and the ability to feel the mattress underneath.

The thicker the topper, the more comfort and padding the topper will have.


Memory Foam is the most popular type of Mattress topper, as it gives the luxury and unique feel of Memory Foam, but does not require the commitment of buying a whole new Memory Foam Mattress.

Mattress Toppers on

Snuggle CharCOOL Memory Foam Topper

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