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A Mattress with a Pillow Top

Pillow Top is a name given to a type of attached topping to a Mattress featuring a layer of soft, pillow-like materials on top of the mattress.

Mattresses with Pillow Tops are usually a luxury option, as they give the mattress an extra layer of soft fillings


The type of pillow top varies on the price, structure, and style of the mattress- for example, many Memory Foam mattresses will have a memory foam pillow top, and other top of the range mattresses may have pillow tops filled with luxury fillings like lambswool and cashmere.

Pillow tops are similar to Mattress Toppers, however Pillow Tops can rarely be removed from the bed, and are more commonly attached to the rest of the mattress.

Pillow top Mattresses are one-sided, and so do not need turning, only seasonal rotation.

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