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A Latex High-Profile pillow from Hypnos

Pillows offer essential support to the head whilst sleeping, and keep the body in the correct position during sleep.



There are different varieties of pillows, with different fillings and shapes. It is important to consider the amount of comfort, support, and softness needed when looking for a pillow:



PillowIcon Standard.png

The Standard Pillow is the traditional rectangular pillow. This is the most common pillow shape.


PillowIcon Box.png

These pillows are rectangular, but have six sides, making it a 3D shape. This offers a more 'plump' feel, and a fuller pillow.

Neck Support

PillowIcon NeckSupport.png

A long, curved shape, these pillows are designed to be wrapped around the neck. This is ideal for necks that need a constant, and multi directional support.


PillowIcon Contoured.png

Contoured Pillows have a raised base, which provides better support for the base of the neck. They are designed to support the natural curve of the head and neck.


PillowIcon Bolstered.png

Bolstered Pillows are a long and narrow cylindrical shape, commonly used to prop up other pillows, and popular for 'lounge' cushions.

High Profile: These pillows are denser, and so are ideal for side and back sleepers.

Low Profile: These have a lower density, and are ideal for stomach and back sleepers.


Man Made:

Memory Foam is a popular pillow filling, as the temperature sensitive foam moulds to the head and necks shape, and so offers a soft support for the neck and head. Ideal for those suffering with neck strain or ache, as the foam reflects the bodys heat, keeping the muscles warm and relaxed-optimum recovery conditions.
Ribbed Memory Foam pillows are also popular, as they provide a greater comfort and airflow, keeping the pillow cool and well-circulated. These provide a firmer support.

Polypropylene also known as Hollowfibre are, as the name suggests, a very light and hollow filling. They are hypoallergenic and maintain their shape very well.

Polycotton- a blend of Polyester and Cotton, has the benefits of both fabrics, with anti-allergenic properties, durability, and comfort.


Wool pillows are very insulating and warm, and so are ideal for the colder winter months.

Feather pillows are a soft and luxury option, with a very plush and soft feel, with a medium to firm support.

Down fillings are from the smaller and softer insulating feathers closest to the skin of the bird and offer a very soft support.

Pillow Cases

Pillow cases are used to protect the surface of the pillow and prolong its lifespan. All pillowcases on Mattressman.co.uk are waterproof.

Pillow cases will often come in a range of colours and styles, often with a duvet cover set.

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