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Twin Spring Units are a spring formation characterised by two spring units placed directly on top of one another, usually with a layer of filling between the units.



With two sets of Springs on top of one another, Twin Spring units offer a higher level of comfort, and a more 'springy' effect. When in use, the first set of springs contracts and in turn puts pressure onto the second set of springs- this gives a higher level of comfort than just one set of springs being compressed.

A Mattress with a Twin Sprung Unit will generally increase the overall depth of the Mattress.

As weight is distributed over two sets of springs, each spring receives less pressure, and so twin spring units generally will feel softer than a traditional coil mattress.

Pocket Dual Springs

Used by Sealy and Silentnight, these units are have two layers of pocket springs which make a Pocket Twin Spring unit- also known as Pocket Dual Springs.

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